1979 Camaro

Thanks to my wife and my friend Kevin Willis, this car has been back-halfed. But, we've still got work to do...



History of the our Camaro

Back Half Construction
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Paint by Spain's Automotive Specialist (DTM paintworks).

This car has been through some changes over time. It started out on the street as a daily driver. As we started racing, we preped it with 9" rearend with Moser 35 spline axles, 12x29 Goodyear slicks, a 10 pt. cage, and a powerglide trans with a TCI transbrake. Then it was onto the flatbed trailer and off the the races. With a small block chevy motor, we started out around 8.90's (1/8th mile). Over time, parts were changed and we ended up it with 7.50's (1/8th mile).

Eventually, we tried a big block Chevy 468, running on VP C12 racing fuel, still using the Powerglide Trans, and added a new TCI 8" converter. Our 1/8th mile time improved to a best of 6.95, but the rear suspension had pretty much quit working.