2004 Our first sponsor to come on board.
Thanks American Truck Lube Systems.

Simmons (Drag) Racing
is a team of racing enthusiasts consisting of myself Darrin, my wife Lori, family and friends. This page outlines for you how sponsorship of our team will help you target and reach the growing racing market. Our family and friends passion for Drag Racing is something we want to share with sponsors and a growing fan base.

We will explain:
*Why you should advertise on a drag car.
*The kind of audience you will reach.
*How it will reach your customers and attract new customers.

Drag racing is a constantly growing sport with increasing numbers of both participants and spectators from all walks of life. We have met drivers and crew members that were in the obvious, automotive field, but also engineers, computer technicians, and even a heart surgeon. There are a variety of carreers involved in the sport and their families and friends just broaden your possibilities as a sponsor of Simmons Racing.

Exposure for you business:
Exposure on your drag car goes right on the Camaro and in front of the spectators. Whether they are walking around the pits or watching in the stands, the car and your name or product is the focus of everyone there. Other areas of exposure include the same decal, logo/name or product on the trailer rolling up and down the road, through town and traveling the interstates. You'll receive additional exposure via the World Wide Web on the Simmons Racing home page. Drag racing is a family sport. Family and friends working together and having fun. Simmons Racing is your vehicle to reach this rapidly growing market.

Local and regional coverage:
Simmons Racing competes at a number of race tracks over the season. Some of the tracks we compete are Gateway International Raceway at Madison, Havana, Charleston, and Benton, IL.

If you're interested in reaching the growing racing market through sponsoring of Simmons Racing, or would like more information, you can email us at advertise@simmonsdragracing.com.